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The tales, tips and tricks of a Marketer's travels

Born to fly

My first trip was when I was a month old...

I left England behind and took to the skies with my twin sister and my mother to meet my father in Ghana. I do not remember that first trip, but I am sure that I was not a good baby having spent a month in a body cast and this was my first sniff of freedom. This freedom (or travel) continued until I was 4 and finally settled in Scotland. It would be another 15 years before I experienced the freedom of flying through the clouds to New York, again with my twin. A city completely different from the world that I had known, and so much to learn. 

I still travel, I still love to travel and want to share my experiences and trips with you. Be they in our own backyard or in the wilds of the Kalahari, maybe you too will lose yourself in the clouds.



Come fly with me

"Travel without a good beer feels like something is missing." 

- Me, Traveler & Beer Lover

"Good beer needs a perfect partner, and sometimes a pretzel, or fried green tomatoes just work."

Me, Traveler & lover of food

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