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About me


So, who am I? My name is Clare, and I live in London. I am addicted to scented candles, Diptyque in particular and I love to travel. The two obessions do not necessairily marry well, but I am determined to try. I am always looking for a good coffee and the perfect margarita, so be prepared to hear my musings and reviews on these as well as beer. This is not my first trip, but it is the first time that I have travelled with another we'll see how that goes then. 


Why do I have this site? Last time I traveled my friends and family had to rely on email and postcards to keep in touch with me, and a very rudimentary version of Skype known as VOIP (voice over internet protocol). There was no Facebook, twitter or wifi, and smartphones were something that was but ideas on Star Trek or the movies. This is definitely not the case this time round, technology has changed the way that we travel and share our adventures. So when I climb that mountain, you'll probably know about it a few minutes later. I thought that it would be easier to keep everyone updated via a website. I mean how hard can it be? You just update it...regularly. You may need to bear with me on this, as this is my first personal website, so there will be lots of tinkering, and gaps between posts as I doubt you want to know about what I ate on a 40 hour bus journey or the state of the toilets.  


My travelling companions are Sparky the lamb (given to me by my twin sister on my last travels), my constant travelling companion for the last 11 years, and 'The Man', otherwise known as the boyfriend. We left the UK on January 16th 2015 arriving in Buenos Aries with our wordly possessions on our backs. The plan was to travel through the Americas, travelling from Antarctica up through south, central and north America. Not ambitious. However, what started out as a simple backpacking trip developed into a trip where we could not use air travel to advance north, we had to use public transport. 


Join me on my sporadic updates and adventures. I am always willing to give my opinion, and if you are looking for advice on travel then do not hesitate to ask a question or send me an email ( or connect with me on twitter (@dontworrymysoul) ! You will find pictures of the trip at 'The Journey', and to find out where we are you can go to 'Map' on the menu bar at the top of the page. 


I hope that you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy living them. 





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