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With all the time in the world

...what would you do?

This is what my friend asked me earlier today. Now, usually I would say well that's never going to happen, and get back onto my hamster wheel. However, things have changed, and I'm on a break. So, what am I doing? How am I spending my time? Shall I change the world and be helpful and volunteer or shall I write a book, or a blog? As you can see I am trying out blogging, tried to volunteer but for some reason voluntary organisations seem slow to respond and the book is a non-starter. I've also taken to attending pilates twice a week (I have aspirations of buns of steel and abs carved out of rock) and baking, a lot. There will never be a shortage of baked goods in the kitchen in this house. I guess that you could say that I'm doing all the things that people would do if they had time to catch up on chores, and taking it eas. Tomorrow, I'm helping a friend decorate, something that I never do in my house but for some reason am always willing to help others with. Last week I blew the electrics, hopefully this week will be non-eventful.

Here's to taking the time to smell the roses...and eating the cookies.


#cookies #baking

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