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Where in the world are we?

It has been a while since I last sat down to write a post, and for that I have to apologise. The fault is not all because we were hiding out in a jungle, or up a mountain or being robbed (a non-violent robbing the best to have) or visiting hospitals. It has mainly been because I am without my trusty laptop, and computers are not as common as they used to be, as all travellers seem to have their own devices.

Anyway, now that I am over the trauma of losing my travelling companion, do not worry I still have "The Man" I was referring to Sparky, I felt that it was time to stop wallowing and get writing. We are in Panama. Yes we have made it this far from Palmer Station in Antartica by travelling only by boat, bus, car, jeep, collectivo and foot. It has been a long journey in terms of miles, and those who follow me on twitter (@dontworrymysoul) will be aware that we went by boat across the Carribean sea for 5 days. I am writing the post on this now as it was eventful to say the least, a German / Italian captain who killed the fish he caught with rum, his girlfriend come skipper who suffered from sea sickness and me, who really does not do water. What could go wrong?

We are in Panama to see that engineering feat that was almost built in Nicaragua, and to plan for the next stage of our trip. We shall continue to travel north, our aim in case you have not guessed is to get to Alaska. The budget is going well, and other than "The Man" dropping his camera into the sea (sigh, we all know that i am rubbing off on him) we are both well.

More to follow, and as they say in Ecuador "ama la vida"

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